Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can I or can't I, that is the question

I'm talking about leather shorts here. Not just any leather shorts, I do have a specific pair in mind...

I have recently fallen in love with a gorgeous style blog, The blogger, Carolyn Hsu is a Manhattanite with a great sense of classic style that really appeals to me. If you haven't visited her blog before, I highly recommend it!

So moving forwards, she posted a while back about leather shorts, Juicy Couture perforated leather shorts to be exact and now I am hooked with the idea and styling but just not sure if I can quite pull them off.

I emailed a picture and the question to bestie M and am now waiting on feedback as to whether or not I can pull them off.

What do you think and how would you recommend styling them?


  1. Oh I really love them, sadly I haven't worn shorts since I was 7. Can't pull them off. But I'm sure you don't have my fat knees, go for it!!

  2. PS Chiara over at The Blonde Salad has worn them a few times. Here are some styling options:

  3. oooh or here: