Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby buys

Again, I stress to you, I AM NOT PREGNANT ... just crazy.

For some reason I have been shopping up a storm for baby gear for S and I despite a. not having a baby and b. not being pregnant - apparently these are minor technicalities in my brilliant mind.

In fairness, all of them have been ridiculous bargains and I have been egged on by my sis, K, who has made the same purchases despite A. and B. above applying to her also - it must be a family gene thing?

Oroton signature baby tote in chocolate (it comes with bottle holder & change mat and if you read my blog you will know that I have a sizeable Oroton collection so its only fitting my future baby have Oroton too). The helpful shop assistant reassured me that it was not unusual to buy the baby bag without having a baby or being pregnant and that most of the baby bags they sold were for future babies (possibly she was just reassuring me given she was getting a sale and the fact that I am such a regular customer the girls in store know K and I by name).

DJs sheets - flat, fitted & 2 pillow cases ($17 for the lot!)

Love you Forever by Robert Munsch (after reading this book there is no way I could not not buy it to read to my future baby)

Have you bought anything for a baby, person or pet that is not yet in your life or are K and I crazy?


  1. I've been hoarding baby clothes since I was 14 - terrible, I know! I've just always been a maternal person, and can't walk away from beautiful baby clothes / toys / bedding!

  2. Lol, thanks for the reassurance Aly, I'm glad to know at least one person doesn't think my sis and I are crazy :)

  3. Great buys, love the Oroton. I can't say I have ever bought baby items for me before.. my mind is far too superstitious!!

  4. I didn't. But hey, your can't pass up a bargain!!!
    I'm still thinking about the O baby bag... Hmm... Is it really really good?