Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The suburb that never was

In the course of my research today for our monthly newsletter, I found the following interesting article.

From a distance it looks like a real suburb, but this is actually something right out of a classic Hollywood war movie.

Literally. It's a set. A huge set. This suburb sat over 12 metres in the air, atop a World War II airplane factory.

Fearful of Japanese bombing raids during World War II, plane manufacturer Boeing's critical Seattle factory, known as Plant 2, was hidden in spectacular theatrical style - beneath a fake suburb.

In 1942, Hollywood set designer and art director John Stewart Detlie was called in to work his magic on Plant 2's enormous - and very obvious - flat roof.



Publicity shot taken on the camouflaged roof of Plant 2. July 23 1945.

Photo: Boeing-Historical-Archives.

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