Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Do you use Strawberrynet?

Me? Its one of my favourite beauty 'stores' and I source almost everything from them after I have appropriately colour matched instore (or I use for Nars). I am so loyal to strawberrynet (ie. I have spent way too much with them) that I receive a set 10% off each order and often an additional 5% as I can't stop at just 2 items.

They have come under a lot of scrutiny over the years for the quality and authenticity of their product but I have to say that in the 6+ years I have used them, I have never had a single problem nor have any of my friends who are also dedicated Strawberrynetters.

Here is today's package that was just delivered:

1. EL Advanced Night Repair

2. Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle

3. MAC Studiofix

and a free Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Lipstick in Heavenly as a bonus.

All for under $120 including shipping! I know, bargain.


  1. I love SN! It's very addictive.
    I'd love to try the Chanel lipstick, maybe with my tax return.. hmm ;)
    Great buys!