Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More procrastinating

I love surveys and this is another one borrowed from So Beaucoup! while I am procrastinating my afternoon ahead:


* Outfit: Cue white collarded shirt with puffy shoulders and black piping down the front, Cue black pencil skirt, multi coloured silk scarf, patterned tights, black patent kitten heels

* Hairstyle: loose and wavy with fringe pinned back

* Jewelery: wedding & e ring, eternity rings, everyday belcher bracelet, everyday thick curb link necklace, every day fine link bracelet, shepherds hook earrings – all yellow gold

* Nail color: bare – haven’t gotten around to trying out my new OPI order

Do you:

* Cut yourself: Never

* Lick yourself: Weird query - no!

* Whine a lot: I don't think so as its a trait that annoys me

* Hate a lot of people: No, just a few who have caused my family pain

* Have too many friends: No, although sometimes its hard to see them all as much as I would like

* Want to die: Definitely not

* Do drugs: Nope

* Wear dark colors: Often but recognise this and working on being more colourful

* Dye your hair: Sometimes ... like once every few years by one to two shades darker... I know, I'm a risk taker

Have you ever:

* Kissed someone: Lots of someones

* Gotten drunk: Many times... see earlier post on Dry July

* Worn rainbow: Yep, I had the most adorable suspenders when I was little (4/5) with rainbow clips

* Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: Regularly... to M

* Left the country: Yes and come back again unfortunately

* Had a party with over 30 people: Of course

* Taken nude pictures: Never, those types of things always come back to haunt you

* Stolen something: Unfortunately yes ... early teens are not always good judges

* Caught something on fire: My sandpit... my brother was a pyro when he was 10 ... enough said

* Cheated on someone: Nope

* Asked someone out: Not that I can recall

* Had a dream, then the next day it happens: Yes, and nightmares too :)

Last person:

* You touched: S when I gave him a kiss

* You talked to: My boss – discussing tactics for a new campaign

* You hugged: see 'touched'

* You instant messaged: Don't use instant msg

Are you:

* Understanding: I try to be and I think I am

* Open-minded: I almost always am

* Arrogant: At times

* Insecure: Sometimes

* Interesting: I guess so, people seek me out?

* Hungry: I just ate lunch so no

* Smart: Yes, I like to think so

* Moody: No unless I'm under stress

* Childish: I think I've outgrown this

* Independent: Yes, very at times

* Hard working: When I'm motivated

* Healthy: I should be better with exercise and drink less soft drink

* Emotional: I can be when tired

* Shy: Sometimes in new situations

* Difficult: Unfortunately yes

* Attractive: Depends who you ask

* Bored easily: Definitely – watching tv for me involves my phone at arm’s reach and a book or magazine for the ads

* Thirsty: yes, for some cold water

* Obsessed: yes, with the Duchess of Cambridge's style

* Angry: a little, some people really bug me

* Sad: a little, a person I care about a lot is not well

* Happy: yep, I have a great life and lots of blessings

* Trusting: No, I have a suspicious mind

* Ill: Nope

* Talkative: Definitely, everyone who knows me says so

* Ignored: Not usually as I am a little demanding I think

* Reliable: I almost always am

* Self-disciplined: Not particularly

* Sleepy: Always in the mornings & usually after 10pm nowdays (getting old)

* Lonely: Sometimes on the weekends when S works


* What is your favorite band?: The Script or U2

* Colour(s)?: navy or red

* Soda?: Coke

* Music?: All of it - almost

* Stores in the mall?: Country Road, Kookai, Cue

* Ice cream?: Mint choc chip, Baskin's rockin' candy or rainbow sherbert

* Candy?: Not much of a sweet tooth - fizzy heart lollies

* CD?: anything by The Script or U2

* Cookies?: choc chip - especially the Kmart decadent ones

* Holiday?: Australia day or ANZAC day

* Month?: December…holidays, presents, new years, sunshine, camping

In the last 48 hours:

* Cried?: teary for someone

* Missed someone?: my grandparents ... I always miss them

* Yelled at someone?: Yep, poor S

* Changed your underwear?: A lot

* Drove somewhere?: Of course, you can’t get around the Coast otherwise

* Talked to someone on the phone?: Many people many times

* Been online?: Too much

* Smiled?: Lots

* Had sex?: Of course, you need to for baby making :)

* Kissed someone?: Yep, lucky S

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