Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just another reason to love the Duchess - edited to add text from letter

I am reposting these pictures from So Beaucoup's tumblr just because I was so moved by this little girl's letter... she is 6 years old and has stage 4 cancer :(

She got to meet Kate in Canada and presented her with this letter:

it says...

Dear Princess Kate

My name is Diamond Ann

I am six. I was named

after Princess Diana. My

mommy Memory is in heaven

with her. I have cancer. I

spend a lot of time at

the hospital. I watched

you get married from my

bed there. You looked

pretty. I like playing

Princess dress up. My

favourite Princess is

Aurora. Who is yours?

I would really like to

meet you. Do you want

to meet me too?

Thank you for reading

my letter.



Isn't it just so sweet and innocent (and a little bit heartbreaking).

And this picture is just beautiful because you can imagine just how much this moment meant to little Diamond and I can only guess at how moved Kate was by it (I would have been in tears):

Its beautiful to see that dreams can come true and that little Diamond's did.

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