Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm on a mission for Hpnotiq

So S wants me to go out for dinner tonight with him and some of 'the boys' to a very enjoyable local restaurant - the Ipoh Satay House - but

unfortunately I must decline as I'm on a mission (plus why would I want to hang out with all the boys on a Friday night? I do enough of that every other weekend.

So instead, I am off to track down a bottle of Hpnotiq or Hpnotiq Harmonie - I'm not fussy as long as it tastes as good as the description (I am aware there is a good chance I will be disappointed as the product rarely lives up to description).

It turns out that I can't find a Gold Coast soul (or bottle shop) that has even heard of the stuff so I am setting off to Dan Murphys at 5pm in the hope they wont let me down.

I first heard about it on Khloe Kardashian's blog (yes, I freely admit it, I love all the Kardashians) when she hosted their product launch for Harmonie and in the market for a new drink this weekend (I am a little wined out), I figure now is the time.

The Hpnotiq description:
Hpnotiq combines the most exceptional characteristics of Pure Cognac, Premium Vodka, and natural Tropical fruit juices to create a level of quality and taste that is refined and elegant.

The Harmonie description:
Harmonie is a liqueur which infuses premium French Vodka, natural fruits, flowers, and Cognac. Its vibrant, violet color and refreshing blend of infused berries, violets, lavender and premium spirits make any occasion more fabulous.

How divine do they both sound? I know, I can't wait to get my mits on one or both.

Recommendations including blending with champagne - sounds like my kind of drink!

What about you, have you heard of Hpnotiq, know where to buy it or the best way to drink it?

I will report back with an update if my mission is successful!


  1. hypnotiq is stocked at dan murphy's parkwood tavern.
    run dont walk ;)

  2. oh and alto's have made cocktails called "hypnotini" which are based on original hypnotiq for years, they are AMAZINGLY delicious :) worth checking out sometime!

  3. Thanks mimi! I love the Altos Hyponotini (despite a very big night one birthday on these lol). I managed to pick up a bottle of the original Hpnotiq at Dan Murphys Mermaid so will post a report on my feedback. x