Monday, July 11, 2011

Greek Festival = big disappointment

After a huge night out in Brisbane on Saturday night in Bulimba with M (more on that later), I dragged myself out of my hangover and hightailed it back to the Coast to pick S so we could meet mum, dad, C & L, baby S and C's sister and her family at the Greek Festival on the Gold Coast.

I can not even begin to describe how much I was struggling from little sleep and too many double vodkas but was excited enough about the Greek Festival to power through it and get there by 11am.

The lines to get in didn't surprise me, it was a perfect Gold Coast day and I figured everyone had the same idea... get down to Evandale and enjoy the food, music and good company plus I was in a great mood as we got an easy park with little effort right near the gates.

We paid our $5 entry, found everyone with little fuss and were off to a great start
... until I decided I needed a cold drink. Well, there were only 2 places selling them, both on opposite sides of the park with a crowd of thousands to navigate to get there. Oh well, C's sis, my mum and I ventured off to inspect and get the aforementioned drink.

We fought the throng, saw some dancing from a distance and found our way back. Food was next on the agenda... until I realised the line next to us, snaking around the entire park was the queue for food. Seriously, the lineup was probably close to an hour and half worth of waiting as they only had one outlet selling food rather than lots of little ones specialising in each dish
(haloumi, mezze plates, souvlaki, skewers, spanakopita etc).

After enjoying the sunshine and company for an hour and half and watching the food line grow but not move by the second, we were all over it... especially baby S. So in the interests of maintaining our enjoyment in the day and company, we set off across the road to Surfers Rowers for food.

Proved to be a great move. We were quickly accommodated with a waterfront table, gourmet $10 pizzas and $10 jugs of beer. Our good humour was quickly restored and despite an hour wait for food (they we re super busy), we ended our day on a high note with good food and great company in a venue that did very well to accommodate the unexpected influx of people.

I am disappointed the Greek Festival didn't live up to expectations but had a fabulous afternoon in spite of it.

In my opinion, if they want success next year, they need to put some thought in to the setup and use the $5 entry fee for better facilities etc. They had a smoking section in middle of the venue, you could barely access the kids ride area due to the food line snaking across it, the food should have been served from separate stalls not one big one (no way was I queuing for an hour and a half for a $3 piece of haloumi), the toilets were stuck in the back with lines stretching a mile and we could only find 2 places selling soft drinks.

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