Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting my Flaschengeist on

Have you heard of Flaschengeist? Don't worry, until yesterday, I hadn't either. Turns out, Flaschengeist is the new Tupperware... liqueurs and oils sold via in-home parties.

My friend N invited us all over for an afternoon tea at her place yesterday, conveniently leaving out the dreaded "??" party phrase - you know, like when you get a text message for a tupperware/jewellery/nutrimetics party and you cringe before trying to come up with an excuse not to go?

So my mum, sis in law and I went along armed with wine and looking forward to N's afternoon tea - N is a fabulous cook and is known for her delicious canapes. yesterday she whipped up strawberry & lemon whoopie cakes, smoked chicken wontons and a variety of other delicious treats.

N's friend B was there when we arrived, setting up a table with brightly coloured bottles of liqueurs and oils and thats when the penny dropped... Flaschengeist is alcohol! I know, I was pleasantly surprised also.

B has just signed on as a planner/presenter for Flaschengeist and spent the afternoon allowing us to sample the most delicious products. Some favourites of mine included Strawberry schnapps, Blackcurrant vodka, Walnut whiskey (strange as I don't like whiskey) and Chocolate tawny port. We also sampled the range of infused EVOOs including garlic, lemon and basil along with their dark and white balsamic vinegars.

Apparently Flaschengeist used to have stores in Adelaide and was sold in Dan Murphys but has repositioned their company to do parties and online orders instead. The oils and vinegars are all very reasonably priced at around $20 in gorgeous 'bench worthy' bottles while the liqueurs are purchased by selecting a bottle size and then choosing which liqueur to fill the bottle with. the bottles range in size from 110ml to 750ml so you have a broad range to select from.

I don't mind telling you that after just one party, I am totally hooked and have already booked my own party for September. So great are the products, my dad and brother loved them too (we made them sample when they came to pick us up) so I have already worded up S and we are going to have all of our friends (male and female) come to our Flaschengeist party.

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  1. Now that's my kind of party!! Haha! Pretty cheeky that you were tricked into it though.. ;)

    In the last month i've been invited to avon & oasis home wares. I've managed to avoid both! haha usually ask D if we could do something when they're scheduled as I'm the worst liar!

    Flaschengeist sounds like a shop which is out at Hunter Valley Gardens, Mum & I were looking in their store over the weekend - I couldn't work out if they were for cooking or drinking??