Thursday, July 14, 2011

End of an Era

So I need to start by saying that I am super hopeless at remembering to take pics for this blog. I always remember after we have started eating or the moment has passed or I don't remember at all because I'm too caught up. I will try to improve and remember to take more pics in future to share here.

Last night was a little bittersweet for me. My little brother J and my sister K and I went to the movies (Gold Class of course) to see the last of the Harry Potter series, The Deathly Hallows part 2. Its a tradition we started way back in the very beginning and have enjoyed together ever since. We have also dragged along my brother in law D for the last few times and converted him to a fan ... S is slowly getting there as well -I got home last night to find him watching The Half Blood Prince of his own accord <3

As it was a 6:30pm session, we ordered a dinner of loaded potato skins with cheese, bacon, sour cream and shallots yummmmmm in addition to popcorn each (its not a movie without popcorn in our books). It was super cheap I thought coming in at $23 for both with a drink. Alas, I had envisaged a big bowl of skins smothered with the aforementioned toppings. Instead I received four average sized skins only ... what was worse, was that I offered to share mine with J so we ended up with 2 skins each :(

Moving forward from the skins disappointment and on to the movie... WOW! Loved every single second of it! I don't want to share details in case of spoiling it for anyone but can I just say there was lots of emotion, lots of action and they really did the book justice. The movie was liberal with some key parts of the book however I accept this is necessary to convey the story in movie form where you don't have the time and luxury of a book. I was extremely glad they took the time to convey the truth of Snape and found it beautifully recounted.

J and I have both read all the books some 5 times each whereas K hasn't and I must share with you that if you haven't read the books, do so now! You will get some much more out of the movies having read the books and there is so much more story that the movies just dont have time to show.

I am sad the series is over and that our little tradition has come to an end but J K Rowling and the gang, thanks for the ride... it was memorable and I look forward to sharing the stories with my children one day.

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  1. Hubby made me watch HP last month from the beginning - I've been missing out all these years! Am starting to read the books I heard it's a lot more detailed and movies missed good bits.