Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wives

This is a pic of me, N and B outside St Andrews church in Manly where the wedding was held last Friday. Don't you just love B's dusky pink coat? Such a great colour on her and it was a bargain at $150 from $400 - Myer ... Charlie Brown if you want one. (I wore navy Alannah Hill 'I love you' frock, black ruffled wool Victoria's Secret coat and nude patent Tony Bianco pumps).

N and B are both wives of S' best friends' T and S. There are 3 S' in our 'group' and they all stand for the same name - confusing much? Try being with all three of them together and trying to get your husband's attention or having 3 of the same name in your bridal party including the groom... I half expected 3 'I Do's'.

Pretty much the whole 'group' have been friends since their early high school years and they are all about 5 years older than me but the nice thing is, N and B and I have hit it off from day one. We have become friends inour own right and often plan our own catchups much to the delight of our husbands - lets face it, it makes it easy for everyone (and much more enjoyable) when the women are genuine friends, not just 'the wives' of the group.

One of the most fun things about Sydney, was getting to hang out with these girls. N has two little ones and B has one little one and one on the way so it was lovely to spend time with them without having all the munchkins underfoot (the small people stayed home with their grandparents).

Us ladies enjoyed a particularly wonderful day on the Saturday (as did the boys), beginning with meeting up at Circular Quay, heading to Sydney Westfield (Baby Gap and Zara beckoned) then back to The Rocks to meet our boys who were enjoying a local pub crawl.

We spent the afternoon drifting between the Belgium Beer Cafe, the Argyle, Harts Bar and finally the Bavarian Bier Cafe. I tried a variety of boutique beers and was especially taken with the Kriek beer (cherry flavoured) at the Belgium Cafe and the Limonata Weissbier at the Bavarian Cafe.

From our pub crawl we headed to ChinaTown figuring it would be the most fun for our big group (we also had my parents' in law and a friend in tow) and also something different for those in the group who hadn't been before.

We found a popular restaurant very quickly down the main street (forgot the name but it is 2 storey and on the pub side). Given our big group, they kindly opened the upstairs dining room for us and we had it all to ourselves (a very good thing given how lively and loud the boys were by now).

We all ordered a main to share on the lazy susan (side note: I don't think its particularly fair to all the Susan's out there to have a product like this share their name - why can't it be the lazy deb or the lazy shaun?) and we ended up having a mountain of food (including 3 garlic dishes - chicken, beef and prawns) but surprisingly finished every morsel - maybe not so surprising given there were 9 of us by this stage including 5 men.

The food was tasty although not served steaming hot and the service was good but it was hard to order drink refills and the like. The company more than made up for it though and I absolutely cherish the day we all spent together and the memories we made.

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