Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On the Gold Coast today we are saying goodbye to one of our heroes. A man who dedicated his life to protecting our community from both harm and from ourselves. Detective Senior Constable Leeding leaves leaves behind a wife and children, he is someone's father, brother, son, husband and friend.

The funeral is happening just near my work at the Convention Centre and there are uniformed officers and people everywhere in Broadbeach who I presume are attending. In our office, we are all wearing our blue and white check pins and a few of us will be going to the funeral to pay our respects to the family and QPS.

Sadly in the wake of this tragedy, another armed hold-up occurred this morning at Kirra Sports Club. Crime is out of control on the Gold Coast and is showing no signs of abating... indeed, its getting worse. Reports state there has been over 60 armed robberies on the Gold Coast in 2011.

If we want to prevent more heartbreak and ensure that another family doesn't have to experience what the Leeding family are going through then we need hard and serious action. We need to crack down on crime and show zero tolerance but in order to do this, we need to empower our policeforce through support and the allocation of more manpower.

Wear a blue and white check ribbon today, change your facebook profile pick to the ribbon or donate to the family or Police Legacy funds and show your support for the people who protect us.


  1. the whole thing is just so sad. really tragic :(
    i dont know whats happening with the coast, i swear it wasnt this bad 10-15 years ago in terms of crime rates. now it something almost every day.

  2. I know Mimi, I just don't remember the GC being this violent or dangerous. Hopefully the new task force will create change.