Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday in Double Bay

My Sydney posts are going to be all over the place so please consider yourself warned.

After a huge Saturday night (ending around 3am), we slept late on Sunday and packed our friend G off to catch his flight back to the Coast... I think he was still drunk at the airport...oops. Anyway, given that it was a stunning day (think crystal clear sunny skies), we decided to head out to Double Bay to have brunch with one of my best friends, B, who lives in the area.

Again, we made use of public transport and negotiated the bus line... although I may have missed our stop and added 500m to our walk but moving forward, we met B on the main street and he led us down a side street to a locals cafe... Indigo. I am in love and would seriously move to Sydney for that place. B was discussing relocating closer to the City over brunch and S and I talked him out of it thank goodness - I would try to move closer to this place, not further!

The food was delicious with varied options and it was such a relaxed laidback (and super popular) venue. S had the angus steak open sandwich and I had the open Rueben sandwich with pastrami, provolone, homemade coleslaw on rye while B had 2 poached eggs(with the brightest yolks ever) with a side of bacon & avocado. I couldn't believe how fresh & delish it all was - B assures me it is all organic, locally sourced etc.

After brunch, B headed home to change for our afternoon adventure (read champagne at the Opera Bar) so S and I strolled down to the waterfront and found ourselves sitting in the sunshine of the Yacht Clublooking at the dazzling harbour view sipping Sav Blanc.

I was a little sad when we left Double Bay around 2pm to catch a ferry to Watson's Bay and then back to Circular Quay for drinks at the Opera Bar but more on that later.

Honestly, it was just a spectacular day spent with two of my favourite people (S and B).

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