Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Success at last...

Remember this dress from my want list awhile back? Remember also how I never give up once I really really want something (see previous post on other Country Road dress)?

Well after much ebay stalking (after it sold out in store), I manged to pick it up today. I popped over to the shops in my lunchbreak today to inspect the Cue sale. After trying on lots of great items, I found none of the styles of dress I was really after and decided to call in to Country Road before heading back to work.

A glance around the racks and I spotted the dress on its lonesome and quickly snatched it up (along with a gathered tunic in 'late night').

Love the beaded neckline, thick fabric and lining...its very flattering on. I'm looking forward to pairing my new Tribal embellishment dress with boots and tights and wearing it on the coming weekend and on our Sydney trip next week.

I also have two Cue suits from ebay on their way to me - under $100 for a grey skirt suit AND a chocolate skirt suit! I don't know about you but I find Cue suits to be so long-wearing (even though their price point is getting up there).

Its been a successful shopping week... now just to find the perfect boots.


  1. Lovely dress, great finds!! I love hearing shopping success stories!

    PS i'm still searching for my CR dress (i think it's the same one you bought).. i know i can buy it online but trying to find it cheaper is proving to be difficult :(

  2. Thanks Reezy, I'm really happy with it :)
    That other dress is in store on sale but still $129 I think. Its sure to go down if you wait it out otherwise maybe head to a DFO outlet or similar (or phone them to order, they are usually good about this). x

  3. Oohh really? $129 is better than $199!!! I'm in Sydney this weekend so will have to go instore and see if i can find it.. if not i'll give them a call, never thought to do that!?? Thanks luvvie :)