Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Only fools rush in

So I got a bit excited today when I received my Jetstar Bring for a Friend for Free sale email. It was the same email last year that led to S and I being in Tokyo for our honeymoon and the earthquake! You would think I would have learnt something wouldn't you?

Nope, apparently not.

Without even consulting S (or checking if he had annual leave), I went right ahead and booked us flights for 10 nights in October. I convinced myself that S would be thrilled given that we have many times discussed going back to Japan to complete our sightseeing.

I sent S an text after receiving the booking confirmation to announce our trip, 'want to go back to Japan at the end of Oct? Ummmmmmm don't be mad but I kind of booked the flights - it was the 2 for 1 again. We leave on the ?? and arrive home on the ??. Is this ok?'

Do you like how I added ' this ok?' I'm mean really, its kind of too bad if its not.

No answer from S so I sent 'Are u mad?xxx' and received 'how much were they?'. Me, 'same as last time' ... S, 'when is my sis' wedding?' ... me in my head thinking oh crap, forgot about that and hurried to check the dates... 'All good, wedding 5 days before we leave. I got carried away...xx'

No reply.

So I called him at work and he sounded much more enthusiastic than by text but still not terribly excited.

Now the excitement has died down, I think maybe I rushed this a little too much and should have talked it through then booked later tonight if we agreed. Not much I can do now, short of losing $$$ though so I guess we're off to Japan again ...

I am excited - but a little nervous I guess after our last visit.


  1. How exciting!! don't be nervous, you'll have a ball!!

  2. Thanks Reezy, I think the nervousness is a little natural but I know ultimately we will have a great time. We spoke last night about it & are looking forward to it... we are just not going to tell his mum yet as she will freak. x

  3. ahh how fun! spontaneous trip planning is awesome. a lot of people hopped onto the jetstar 'friend for free' bandwagon but im living under a rock at the moment (uni exams) and had no idea!
    i'd love to go to japan one day :) hope you have a blast! x