Monday, June 27, 2011

On Sunday...

We did this:

walked around the Burleigh Heads markets

I ate this:

homemade mango and passionfruit frozen pop - I scoffed mine too fast to photograph

and this:

yummmmmm Grill'd - I had the Simon Says and a serve of their delicious chips

We saw this:

X-Men First Class... then when we got home S downloaded Movie Number 3 for me as I realised I hadn't seen it ... still like 1,2 and the newest better than 3.

All in all, a great Sunday spent with my husband.


  1. Oh I love the markets! We have no decent ones anywhere near where I live! Makes me sad.

    Grill'd I've been told, is like Gourmet burger kitchen in London.. Again, I have it nowhere near me :( why do I live in the sticks again??


  2. Grill'd is the best Reezy - S and I and my girlfriends eat it all the time.
    Lol you live in the sticks because its beautiful, tranquil and for many other important reasons I assume - my biggest one would be because you're closer to the wineries :) x