Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am a true child of the eighties... I love:

Rainbow Brite - I had the movies, dolls, sprites, books, dress up outfit and more

Strawberry Shortcake - again, all the paraphernalia including a themed 5th birthday party where I had a professional S/S cake, a play telephone, themed plastic makeup bag etc.

The Hugga-Bunch - had all the books and loved the movie with little Gennie's quest to save her grandmother

Herself the Elf - I had the cassette tape stories that came with follow along books

Lovely Lady Locks - I used to play with the dolls all the time

Care Bears - loved the movies(The first one with the evil book and the Wonderland one) and had my own Cheer bear

The Last Unicorn - one of my favourite movies when I was little

She-Ra - I had all the action figures, the Crystal palace and my fave movie was the one where she finds out she and He-Man are brother and sister (my bro and I still have this VHS tape)

The Snorks - my favourite before school cartoon

T bag and T shirt - couldn't get enough of this show

Gummi Bears - my favourite after school show

Secret Keepers - I had the big swan for all my treasures


  1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for that beautiful trip down memory lane!!!

    I loved them ALL so much!! I had completely forgotten about secret keepers!! Love!

    And T Bag! Haha

  2. No problem :)
    I still have a lot of VHS tapes and toys my mum has kept for my children <3
    Not many people remember Secret Keepers - my lil sis had the purple one - I think it was called Perkins.

  3. Ahhh I remember all those! I had also completely forgotten about the secret keepers, I'm pretty sure we had the big yellow/orange one!

  4. I loved Rainbow Brite and I completely forgot about the Snorks! I loved that cartton :)

    T-Bag and T-Shirt reminds me of school holidays, there was a whole series of those from memory. Wasn't there an Olympus Ring one?

    Did you ever watch Puddle Lane? I also watched that all the time!

  5. Lol I guess we're all showing our age.
    There was a whole Tbag series with a young girl each time searching for items like spoons, the alphabet, the Olympus rings. The was also two 'Tbags' over the series - the red haired one and her sister the blonde one.
    Puddle Lane with Jemima was definitely another favourite :)