Friday, June 3, 2011

The Nanny Returns

Did you read The Nanny Diaries or were you one of the people who watched the movie?

Although it was some time ago, I read the book and then watched the movie. I remember thinking (as usual) that the book was much better and incited more emotions than the movie ... perhaps because I'm not a Scarlett fan. I remember feeling so so sad for Grayer/Grover and sympathising with Nanny.

Well, I was in Borders the other day (lured by their 50-70% sale posters) looking for two of my favourite chic lit books, The Debutante Divorcee and Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes that I previously lent out that went missing when I spotted The Nanny Returns for just $10. How could I pass it up for that price? Well, I probably could have and just borrowed it off my sister but oh well.

So I started reading it on Sunday (I think) and finished it last night. I tend to like sequels (movies, books etc), even bad ones as I am nosey enough to want to know what happened to the characters. This book was no exception. I seriously couldn't put it down... not from superior tale-telling but just because I was dying to know what would become of the X's, Nan and HH.

In truth, the book was a little difficult to read with some references not hitting their mark (despite me having read the 1st book) but I still was drawn into sympathising with Grayer and poor little Stilton, feeling self-righteous and judgmental with Nan and overall, just enjoying the book.

I wouldn't say its an easy read (a little hard to follow and I kept losing track of who the characters were) but its a decent holiday or beach one.

Now I'm off to start Bergdorf Blondes ($27 at Borders still - scandalous I know, its ike 5+ years old!) that I picked up from ebay at $1 with $6 shipping.


  1. aw i tried to like 'the nanny returns' but i thought it was a sad book. felt sorry for the boys.

    bergdorf blondes however is FABULOUS. references are a little old now but it totally sums up the pop culture of the time :)

  2. Totally agree Mimi with both books - love Plum Sykes' books, its just a pity she has only written two.

  3. I've had Nanny Returns on my bookshelf for ages oops! Really must read it :)