Monday, June 20, 2011

The Matriarch

One of the most important things on my To Do list while in Sydney was to visit with my Great Aunty (actually my father's aunt).

My grandmother (her sister), passed away when I was in primary school and since then, my Great Aunty (GA) has been considered the family Matriarch - she is the oldest surviving relative we have.

Anyway, she is almost 90, lives alone in a harbourside apartment and trips around the city on public transport to shop and have her hair done... she is my idol! She is totally with it, dresses very well (S particularly commented on this) and looks fantastic in my opinion.

It was importantto take the time to see her while we were down there as unfortunately she is fighting a second battle with cancer and undergoing chemo so there is a fair chance I may miss seeing her againif I didn't take the opportunity so we arranged to meet GA on Thursday for lunch in Rozelle.

We bused out over the ANZAC bridge and were there in no time with an hour to kill and everything a bitmiserable given it was a blustery rainy day. We settled into a coffee shop with the paper to amuse ourselves and then headed down to the agreed meeting spot to find GA there, in an eye catching lime green wool coat and matching scarf - doesn't she look great?

We had a lovely long lunch at theRosebud cafe (and a couple of sav blancs) wile we caught up on each others' news and looked through S and my wedding proof book.

Both S and I had such a wonderful time with GA and were so glad we made the effort to catch up. I cant wait to see her again!


  1. Rosebud is about 500 meters from my house!

  2. I should have popped in when I was killing time in the rain :) Actually, S commented as we were walking around the area, how much he would be happy to live in some of the homes we saw in the area x

  3. ^ It's a beautiful spot with a wonderful village feel to it.
    I just adore living here!
    My husband has lived here his whole life (all nearly 39 years of it!)
    I don't think I will ever get him out of here!