Monday, June 13, 2011

Lounge suit

Amazingly, I did not realise how many people did not know the dress code for lounge suit. To explain, S and I, along with several other friends have been invited to a wedding in Sydney this week and the dress code is lounge suit.

So today the topic came up between a mixed group of male and females, 'What are you wearing?'

When I explained that the dress code was lounge suit, everyone looked blank. I was quite shocked as I kind of figured that 'lounge suit' was pretty straight forward and a common enough term. Apparently not.

After I provided my guide for lounge suit, everyone just replied 'well why can't they just say formal?'

We ended up googling the term (people trust google more than any other source, particularly if it a previously unknown term I have found in my experience) and after completing a criteria (time of day, temperature, occasion, for him/her), acceptable 'lounge suit' attire for him was a dark suit for winter with tie. Pretty straight forward. Lounge suit is essentially 3rd on the list of dress codes after very formal (white tie etc) and formal.

I'm just jealous that S gets to rug up in a suit for the wedding while I have to freeze it out in a dress.


  1. i had never heard of the term "lounge suit" until stumbling upon it at VF! however, i am still a uni student so im guessing no one needs to know this just yet in my circle lol.

    hope you enjoyed the long weekend. miserable weather, isnt it?

  2. Thanks Mimi, had a great weekend with friends despite the cold grey days :( Hope you enjoyed yours also. x

  3. People really struggle with dress codes!
    Hope you enjoy your time in Syndey. Sorry we haven't turned on the weather for you x

  4. Had a great time thanks Liss... will update tonight. Weather was actually warmer than the GC and we had a gorgeous day on Sat and Sun :)