Thursday, June 30, 2011

Looming Large

My 30th birthday is looming large on the horizon... its just under 3 months away.

So as you may have previously read, I have requested that S throw me a huge surprise party on my actual birthday (its a Saturday this year... convenient I know). I had intended to sneakily communicate the party requirements through M and C to S - I can't help it, I'm a control freak with this sort of thing.

Well, after a chat with my childhood best friend C on Saturday afternoon, the original plan is out the window much to S' relief ...

We had previously discussed but not confirmed having a joint party given that we have all the same friends and our families are like one big family plus C's birthday is in December (two days before Christmas) so she would rather do something around October when people are available.

Now we are definitely doing the joint party!

We have come up with hiring a luxury waterfront mansion on the Gold Coast (Sovereign Islands, Sorrento, Mermaid Waters etc) for 3 nights and having us, our husbands and M and D stay the whole time. The actual party will be held waterside at the property from 3pm Saturday - think Hamptons white theme with cocktails, mini meals ... all very elegant and grownup (we are turning 30 after all).

Here is some of my inspiration:

Thoughts or suggestions welcome?

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