Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here I come Sydney

I have a one day working week next week thanks to a public holiday Monday then I'm off to Sydney next week on Wednesday for5 days with S and I can't wait!

We are going down for a wedding (its a Friday wedding in Manly) but as they are mostly S' friends, I'm more excited about seeing my great aunt (she's 91 and still lives alone in Drummoyne flitting to the Melbourne Cup & whatnot) and my darling bestie B who relocated to Sydney a few years ago and we never see each other anymore (that said, he was up for my wedding in March this year).

B works in advertising and marketing so is quite the 'man about town' or in Plum Sykes' words, if he was a girl he would be a 'champagne bubble'. Moving forward, B and I have been chatting on email for the past few weeks and I have roped him in to the following:

Cocktails atThe Ivy

Champagne at the Opera Bar (Sunday afternoon)

Shopping at Zara and the City Westfield - although he has warned me that Zara is overrated and not as good as OS

and I am adding Sunday brunch at the DJs foodhall to this list (with Bellinis of course)

S parents will also be in town and we are planning to spend some time playing tourist with them on the Saturday I think.. maybe Chinatown (cause the GC doesn't have one), The Rocks or Cockle Bay Wharf for afternoon drinks ... suggestions here are very welcome :)

Lovelies, do you have any Sydney suggestions for me? We are staying in the City and I have been there many many times so am happy to skip the Bondi, Paddington, Manly thing but am open to new activities... I also need somewhere to watch the SoO (somewhere that is Blues friendly although that shouldn't be too hard in Blues territory).

Also, has anyone eaten at Blue Plate Grill in Neutral Bay? I read reviews and it sounds right up S' alley.


  1. Your great aunt sounds like an inspiration!

    Good on her!

    Have a lovely time over here and don't forget to rug up.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. A second reminder to rug up. It's is freezing at the moment.
    If your going to Drummoyne, you can always pop into Balmain!
    Are you a MasterChef fan? A macaroon fan? Then pop into Adriano Zumbos! YUM! (And enjoy a walk around my beautiful village!
    We also have the 2nd hand markets at Rozelle Primary on Saturday and Sundays which can be quite fun.
    Lots of pubs to pop into for a drink or a bite to eat!
    Drummoyne have a lovely restaurant called ECCO you could try there for lunch or dinner?
    Enjoy a champagne at the Opera bar - it's lovely and a beautiful view.
    The Ivy is nice, but the Zeta bar at the Hilton is another option?
    Chinatown can be fun! But I still think Melbourne's Chinatown is better.
    I don't know about Zara - haven't been (pregnant so what's the point) nor do I know the Blue Plate Grill? But Cafe Sydney is another wonderful spot for lunch or dinner (a little exxy though) with out of this world views (so get an outside table! they will give you blankets for the cold)
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy your time in Sydney - I think rain is forecast... I hope it doesn't rain too much while your here.