Monday, June 13, 2011

Everyone's Darling

Now I know every blog is following the Duchess of Cambridge avidly... let's face it, if blogging had twitter style 'trending', she'd be leading the headlines day in day out.
I can't give an explanation for anyone else's fascination but for me its quite simple. She's stunning, poised, stylish and approachable (not in the real sense given the Scotland Yard guards and all), but in a down to earth way, her fashion and her genuine personality make her a appear very much as the girl-next-door.

These are just a few of her looks from this weekend and as we can yet again see, she never gets it wrong and in the manner of almost everyone's favourite blogger, FF, Kate is not afraid to mix her high end designer clobber with high street duds:

Kate Middleton and Prince William on the balcony (Pic:AP)

As a lover and collector of coats (despite living on the GC with tropical climates), I could not be more in love with this one... stunning, simple, so very feminine and ladylike.

Nothing wrong with recycling a look that works... 2009 to 2011, its still a good look.

Kate and Pippa Middleton arrive at the wedding of Jockey Sam Waley-Cohen (Pic: Enigma)

Kate easily outshines Pippa by recycling a simple dress from 4 years ago at the wedding of her matchmaker (rumour has it, Sam was responsible for helping to reunite the now Duke & Duchess


  1. I adore Kate's style too. Thank you for the photos!

    Guilty of referencing the Duchess of Cambridge as often as I can....

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Gotta love her.
    Very stylish.
    Slightly jealous.

  3. Sammie.. ditto!
    SSG, that makes two of us... she just may be my new favourite celeb obsession :)