Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A disappointment

Prior to leaving for Sydney, my excitement to visit Zara was palpable. I told anyone and everyone how much fun I was going to have shopping here and warned S to be prepared for a serious shopping adventure with me.

Sadly, it was not to be.

S gamely joined me on my shopping adventure the Wednesday afternoon after we checked in to our hotel and we set off for Pitt St. S at least knew a little bit about Zara having been given a crash course education on our honeymoon in Osaka when I dragged through every level of the 4 storey store (maybe it was 5 stories?) so he understood why this was serious business.

We got to the store and I drank the site in before stepping inside (I should note, there were no lines and it wasn't crazy busy as I was led to believe it would although it was a Wednesday afternoon around 2/3pm). I wandered around in a daze picking pieces up and checking prices.

I am sad to say, I was entirely disappointed! Nothing jumped out at me, the prices weren't comparable with their US and Japan stores in my opinion and I left feeling very flat. I had such high hopes but will probably stick to shopping in their stores Overseas now.

Edit to add: I popped back on Saturday with my friends hoping that maybe I was just overwhelmed on the Wednesday but no, nothing was appealing and the girls were very unimpressed overall (they hadn't heard of Zara previously). I should also note, there were no lines to get instore but the registers and changerooms were backed up for miles).

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  1. I hear ya! I was devastated. I prepared D, much the same way you did with S! It's nothing I remember from London/europe :(