Friday, June 3, 2011


I need a new bike...

Believe it or not, I had never owned a bicycle until S bought me my very first bike for my 28th birthday. Apparently this is pretty amazing to most people although I have no idea why.

Its not that I was a deprived child, all of my siblings had bikes, it just wasn't something I showed any interest in after I graduated my toddler trike and went on to rollerskates instead. I much preferred rollerskating or playing on the go-karts my poppy used to build for us.

Fast forward a decade or so and I was into makeup, fashion and everything not bicycle related until we moved to a waterfront suburb close to the beach, Broadbeach and all amenities. Suddenly a bike was looking very appealing given that all said amenities were just that touch too far to walk comfortably but not far enough to make a car worthwile.

So, when S and I went shopping for my 28th birthday presents, we ended up coming up with a bike and I was so excited until S told me I would need to get a ladies bike... I could barely climb up on one and tried to convince I would be fine on a girls bike as I'm only short. He would hear none of it and I ended up with a ladies bike which took me awhile to learn how to mount without risking a broken neck.

As it was just for leisure and because I didn't really know how to ride a bike let alone whether I would like it or not, we didn't spend a lot of money on it (who knew bikes could start from $600 ... crazy I tell you) but now it is showing signs of ageing just two years later ... probably given its proximity to the salt air and a lack of quality. S says its a piece of junk :(

I should use it more but it seems the tyres always need pumping up and it just doesn't look as shiny as it used. Plus, the magpies put me off a bit last year with their swooping season and given my scary experiences with them (see older post), I try to avoid becoming bait.

So now that I have gone to all the effort of learning how to ride a bike at this age, in the interests of re-motivating my biking, I have decided I need to buy a new bike... maybe something like these ones...


  1. I love the bikes with the little baskets on the front!

    Monique xxx

  2. Me too :) Now to convince S that I need one ha ha x