Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I did Saturday

Saturday morning started with a nightmarish 3am start - not fun when I only got to be the night before around 11am :(

Why was I up so early you ask?

I signed on as Team Manager for my brother's IRB team that were competing at Bribie Island on Saturday. As it was only a short carnival - expected to be over by 2pm - there wasn't a lot of point going to the expense of staying there Friday night so we drove up on Saturday morning. As we were towing the boats and motors, we had to leave at the ungodly hour of 4am therefore I was up around 3am to shower, dress in the dark and drive to my brother's house.

Barely functioning with stinging sleep deprived eyes, I made it to my brothers, claimed one of his jumpers and climbed in the back seat of his car to try and sleep. Not much chance of sleep though with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the front - my brother and brother in law. These two together are just on another planet. Having been best friends for over 10 years (that's how my sis met her husband), they are two of the funniest guys I have ever met when together so needless to say, there was no sleeping but there was plenty of laughing.

We arrived at Bribie Island just after 6am and thankfully the sun was almost up and the day was beginning (still earlier than I liked but better).

The carnival went very well for our little team of 11 (many clubs have teams of 30+) and all our competitors were on the ball taking instructions and not disappearing - as there are at least 3 people involved in any given race with quick turn around time between events, it is imperative that I know where each person is at all times to ensure patients are in the water for the race and that our boat and crew are on the line.

The surf was pretty flat although the shore break picked up a bit and caused some carnage including a boat flipping while lined up to start the race. There was also a very strong current out at the buoys which made the tube swim very challenging (tube swim is where the crew jumps out of the boat and swims to the patient, clips them with a rescue tube and swims back to climb in the boat). My sis in law and bro in law were the swimmers for this event and are usually pretty good at it but when they got back to the beach, it was obvious how difficult the event had been for them.

With our team of 11, we made 8 finals, got a 2nd place in the mass rescue (a type of relay with 2 patients to pick up from the buoys), a couple of 4ths and 7th overall from 15 teams. We were very happy with the results given it was the first carnival of the season after a 12 month break.

Our next event is a 2 day local carnival and I am really looking forward to it - especially as this one won't mean a 3am start.

This is my bro and bro in law racing

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