Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Week from Hell

Or should I say 2.5 days from hell! All office techical related

Monday started with our phones not working followed by the tech installer for our new front window flat screens not showing up at all followed by our entire network going down.

Tuesday was a slight improvement with the installer showing up but the new printers were an hour and a half late on top of the phone system going down twice in the afternoon and not coming back at all the second time. Fun fun and it meant I got to stay back till 6pm when the phone tech could attend and repair the network.

You would think that would be it would you not? Well of course it wasn't.

Following in the vein of Monday and Tuesday, I start my day at 5am for a business breakfast, arrive at the office at 8:30am to find our two main support/admin computers are down and can't get on the network, our upload system for the new flat screens hasn't been activated, the colour printer has damaged film and is marking print pages and oh yeah, the phones have gone down 3 times already and now we can't get them back up. The phone tech of course is unavailable for another hour and all of our clients think we are hanging up on them!

Thinking about going to the pub for lunch and not coming back today - what do you think?

ps, it just got worse! I clicked to publish this post and an error came up... thank goodness for auto save or I would not be responsible for my actions right now!


  1. I love it when techy stuff goes down at work hahahaa. I shouldn’t but I do love occasional downtime.

    This does sound like a nightmare though and not fun at all that you had to stay back late.

    I reckon you need an extra long lunch with a lovely glass of vino. Take the arvo off!

  2. I know what you mean, sometimes I love it ... just not when I have to coordinate all the repairs/techs for 30 staff :)
    Will be having lots of wine tonight to get over today! x