Monday, May 30, 2011

We are the mighty Gold Coast Suns

S and I were due to join his sister and her fiancee for dinner Saturday night but she cancelled at lunch time so S and I were at a loose end and figured we'd stay in for an early night.

Like all best laid plans, ours went awry in the afternoon when friends texted me to offer corporate tickets to the Gold Coast Suns first AFL game in their new stadium against the Geelong Cats. Now I'm not into AFL but even I know enough to know this was a pretty exciting match given the new stadium, new team and the Cats' reputation.

So I called S who was quick to agree we should go and by 5:30pm we were setting off to Metricon Stadium. Arriving in a taxi was a bit of a disaster and traffic was very heavy but eventually we got through the gates and into The Lounge. Sponsored by Virgin Australia, we were greeted by hostesses (loving the new red and purple colour scheme) and ushered into a ultra modern space decked out with red and white couches, an enormous lit bar opening out to a private stand and BBQ terrace with second bar.

There was so much food on offer for guests (fresh oysters & prawns & smoked salmon, garlic prawns, mini salads, noodle box fish & chips, rice paper rolls, mini cheese burgers, golzeme, mini ravioli bowls, mini curries with papadums) and the drinks were free flowing from our hosts. Our seats were fantastic, right in the centre of things and quite close to the front of our section.

The stadium was pretty fabulous by any standards and I found myself really getting into the game, particularly in the first 2 quarters when the Suns were leading and Karmichael Hunt kicked a goal - this is rare apparently as he plays in the backline. I lost a little interest by the end of the third quarter when the Cats really kicked into gear but I managed to figure out the game (marks, getting caught with the ball and what not) and really could be an AFL convert ... just don't tell my sister or she might disown me :)

We finished the night with a ride home in this .... not really :)


  1. Very much so - the stadium is an amazing upgrade from what was previously there and the support behind the Suns seems pretty strong. x