Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on saving to spend aka my Aldi failure

I didn't forget to post back about my Aldi experience, I was just a little ashamed (or maybe just embarrassed) on how it turned out.

Friday afternoon I had very good intentions of leaving work and going to do the grocery shop but by the time I left work after a crazy day, I just wanted to get home and figured I could stretch things out till Sunday at the latest.

So on Sunday mid morning (after mother's day brekky with my mama) while S was at work, I armed myself with my list, a $2 coin for the trolleys and my recycle grocery bags. I found a park with ease and entered Aldi.

I started off well finding the first 4 items on my list plus a few extras I didn't need but couldn't resist price-wise ... and then things went pear-shaped. I started to feel overwhelmed, confused and out-of-sorts. I couldn't find at least 3 of the next items, I couldn't get to the shelves (people walking in and out and not moving) then S called and it was all just too much... I bailed.

I embarrassed to say I abandoned my $2 (as there was no way to exit with a trolley... in fact, there was no exit at all except through the registers and that was a squeeze) and hotfooted it to Coles where I breathed a sigh of relief and made my way around the store as if I had designed it personally.

Maybe I will try Aldi again one day when S is free to come with me but in the meantime I have decided its best to stick with what I know.

ps. Terry White chemist can be great for savings - Kleenex cottonelle 8 pk only $4, large scented bin bags $2 and disinfectant for $2).

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