Monday, May 16, 2011

A Typical Married Couple

What do married couples do on Sundays?

S and I are fairly new to the marriage club but I think our Sunday was spent as a very domestic couple.

After a bit of a sleep in (not a big one mind you as baby S stayed over with her parents and was up at 7am), we ate some breakfast and then proceeded to clean out the garage before my wonderful papa called in for coffee and to do a big tip run for us (plenty of junk to dump including an old desk and BBQ that had been bugging me). Cleaning out garage was harder for me than S as there is a big box in there of all my mementos (my Australian champion surf club cap, letters from friends, cards and other little treasures that are important to me) that S wants me to cull but I just can't face the thought of throwing any of it yet.

Once the junk was gone, S decided we should go to Bunnings for new pots and plants ... we have almost killed our poor peace lilly from too much sun exposure, our cane palm was burnt and my basil plants had morphed into mini trees - I'm sure you're picking up that I really don't have much of a green thumb. I was a bit down on the Bunnings idea but with nothing better coming to mind I aquieseced and we set off.

I find once I'm at Bunnings, I'm quite happy about it and find a billion things that we simply must have for the home, its just a matter of getting me there in the first place. Maybe its just that I love shopping, any kind of shopping?

In the end, on my hunt for 'full sun' plants suitable for courtyards/pots/balconies, (should have checked this the first time we went plant shopping) S let me convince him we needed new pots, a Tahitian Lime tree,

a mandarin lime tree (very cool tree that fruits mandarins that taste like limes - sounds perfect for my summer vodkas I think),

a new peace lilly (to go with the dying one in their new SHADY front courtyard position),

and fresh herbs - basil, Italian parsley and rosemary to join the still surviving chives

I also have some more potted front courtyard donations coming on Wednesday from my parents including a healty red cordyline and some others I don't know the names of.

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