Friday, May 6, 2011

Saving money to spend

S and I have a pretty low grocery bill on average but there is always room for savings - especially when there are so many things on my want list.

We usually do a market shop for fresh produce and gourmet items (fresh pastas and sauces), a 6-8 weekly butcher shop and then Coles for grocery items. On average we spend about $150 per fortnight on markets and Coles with about $150 per butcher shop. Pretty good I think, considering I have many friends who spend $200+ per week for two people.

My mum has always been a huge advocate of Aldi and now that my sis K has her own home, she too has joined the bandwagon. Me? I'm a bit meh on Aldi but only because the few times S and I have visited the local shop the shelves are low and they have almost nothing on our list in stock (this could be because we were going on a Sunday afternoon). We also have it pretty easy as our local shopping centre has Coles, Aldi and Woolies in the complex - makes it easy to shop for catalogue bargains let me tell you.

Anyway, in the interests of thrift (and my non edible shopping list) I am off to attempt a grocery shop at Aldi after work. I have even packed my recyclable bags in preparation. I have read the vogue forum on Aldi basics and checked the website to compile my list so wish me luck.

I will post back in to let you know how my experiment turned out.


  1. Hi, being a newby to the GC myself, I was wondering where the fresh food markets are at the coast.. is there any ones that are better than others?

  2. Hi & welcome to the GC.
    My fave (and best priced markets) are the Palm Beach farmers Markets every Sat morning from 6/7am till 11am. They are at Palm Beach Currumbin Highschool and tend to have a good mix of vegies, fruit and gourmet items.
    There are also the Marina Mirage markets every second Saturday but this tend to be a little pricier. The Carrara markets (all weekend every weekend) can be good also for specials or there are Mudgeeraba farmers markets but I'm not sure of the schedule.

  3. ooh i was about to ask which fresh food markets you go to! :)

    have you checked out the ones at bundall racecourse?

    i sometimes go to the ferry road market, but it does get exxy :( i like cararra markets too but it can get really busy. pbc is the other end of the coast for me but i might have to make the trek sometime.

    hope you have a good weekend! :)

  4. lol read your mind mimi :)
    Bundall are good but I still prefer the PBC markets (love Ferry Road but just not practical for a weekly shop). I am mid coast (4218 area) so its still a trek but I usually get there around 8am and once I finish my shop, you can relax with brekky or a coffee in an area they set up with live local music & tables and chairs. Definitely worth the visit.
    Have a great weekend too :)