Friday, May 20, 2011

Rug decisions and other interesting news

I finally made a decision on a rug for our loungeroom and am super excited for it to arrive and be installed.

This was a decision not made lightly... polls were taken in the workplace, amongst friends and of course on the twitterverse. Which way did I end up going you ask? ... hang on, did I even post about my dilemna on here? Probably not, but in the interest of an efficient post, I will give you a brief overview.

I'm still loving the orange accents but reluctant to overdo them in our loungeroom, I started leaning towards green also. A limey type green for freshness was my theory. I then found an image of our exact lounge accessorised with bronze and green. Bingo! Green was on my list.

So, we have a brown rug doing the job quite well at the moment but wanting to jazz things up and move away from an overdose of brown, I decided we simply must have a shag pile rug in green or orange.

My sis and mother vetoed lime - this is because my mother is vehemently against green in any shade (could be a hangover from her mother loving all things green) and I think this strong dislike is rubbing off on my sister. S, being the very smart husband he is, told me the decision was all mine while while my friends seesawed between the two colours. Work collegues were actually the best contributors to my poll with one lady telling me to go green as she has a similar decor and lounge and accents with green for a fresh look.

So today I ordered this...

from with free shipping for just $99.95 - I will post pics and reviews when it arrives but I figure at least it didn't cost the earth if I decide I don't like green.

Drum roll please for my next announcement ... I also placed my first ASOS order today. Surprised? I am! I can't believe it took me this long to get around to it despite being an avid Vogue forums reader, I was severely lacking in speed for this trend. Probably a good thing though as I have now discovered it with a vengeance and have 10+ items saved in my 'for later' section. I ordered this dress to test things out (size, cut, quality etc) and am sure I will be back for more in record time...


  1. Hello - Just followed you on twitter (karahz)
    Random but my sister has the exact same couch which i'm sitting on right now! haha

    - KK

  2. Your sister has great taste lol :)
    What colours does she accent with?
    Thanks for the follow, hope you enjoy.