Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A real life fairytale weekend

The girl married her prince and the bad guy was killed....

Blogland is awash with opinions of the royal wedding and being a bit of a follower, it would be remiss for me not to jump on the bandwagon.

I watched the E coverage from start to finish on Friday night and backed it up Saturday afternoon by watching a recount of Di & Charle's wedding and first 10 years on Saturday afternoon on the Biography channel (not intentionally, it was just raining and there was nothing else on).

Rather than summarise the entire experience, I just list my favourite key moments in no particular order:

1. Kate's mother Carole arriving - she got the MotB look perfect

2. Wondering why Ian Thorpe was a guest? Answer anyone?

3. The Queen's arrival - she is every inch a Queen and seems to do it so easily

4. The Princes' arrival - loved how they were both smiling and mingled with family members

5. Glimpses of Kate in the car and arriving at The Abbey - was there ever a more stunning bride. She became a Princess in the World's eyes the moment she stepped from the car ... it was everything we had been waiting for

6. Kate & William's exchange at the Altar - so natural and normal and not overly solemn

7. Kate & William leaving the Abbey and in the carriage - so romantic and so much in love

8. The balcony kiss number 2, so natural and loving

9. As Reezy I think mentioned... Prince Charle's snarl to Camilla 'put her down' - I think this was Camilla's grand-daughter?

10. Kate's 'Oh Wow' on seeing the crowd

11. Kate's gift from her family - the diamond earrings incorporating acorns based on her family's coat of arms bestowed by the Queen

12. Of course, Pippa and her dress - stunning and oh so elegant

13. How natural the official bridal party portrait still is with the little pageboy leaning in to the pic

14. Lastly, the L plates on the front of Will & Kates departing car


  1. Thorpe said he met up with William somewhere and Will was really interested in his charity work with the indigenous australians and i think they swapped emails and kept in contact.
    i think i heard that on tv somewhere :)

  2. I was wondering about Thorpie too. He was interviewed after the ceremony and said Will was interested in the charity work Ian was doing with Indigenous Australians AND Wills is a keen swimmer. I guess they just clicked??

    Loved the L's on the car too!

  3. Thank you ladies for clearing that up for me :)