Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Wow!

YSL is selling their own label of super 'sophisticated' cigarettes!

They now have their very own cigarettes branded and marketed throughout Asia and Russia and are sold for up to $44 per pack. Apparently they have actually been launched way back in 1989.

Check out the article here:

'Promotional script tells prospective buyers that the label's 'philosophy is to give their cigarettes a classic sophisticated look.'

It continues: 'Creating a sense of appeal to female vanity and thereby making the woman who chose to smoke Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes more attractive than one who smokes another brand or more attractive than a woman who did not smoke at all '

Read more:

I would definitely have to say that cigarettes are not classy, do not appear classy and certainly don't smell classy. The Vogue forums have a thread on this and I have to agree with the poster who said its a little hypocritical for a company that sells anti-ageing products to also sell tobacco products.

What do you think of 'designer' cigarettes?

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