Thursday, May 12, 2011


So... nope, I'm not pregnant but S and I are very open to the idea of this happening in the near future and in the interests of preparation (and daydreaming) I have been considering what type of nursery we might have.

Now, if we have a baby girl, her name may be Arissa ... this is a name we learnt on our honeymoon in Japan (when I was told by our host to pray before the baby Gods lol) and it means 'from the land of cherry blossoms'. Beautiful we think and also significant to us.

So if we call our daughter Arissa, it makes sense to have a cherry blossom themed nursery. Me thinking this is a bit of an original idea, googled 'cherry blossom nursery' images and came up will a zillion matches.

There are a few bits that I like in each of these but would add a bit more of a modern touch (extras like pink moroccan pouffes):


  1. Best of luck for the journey :-)

    SSG xxx

  2. Awww, thanks SSG - who knows, maybe we will be on it together :)
    Hope you're having a fab holiday and thanks for taking the time out to comment xxx

  3. Oh yippie! Another Vougette that may one day soon join the pregnancy/babies section of the forum!
    Good luck on the journey when you decide to start.
    For the time being they say practice makes perfect (wink wink)
    Lovely name by the way!

  4. Thanks Sammie :)
    I'm sure the babies section will be just as helpful as the wedding forum was!

  5. These nurseries are gorgeous!!! Love the cherry blossom tree, with the white flowers, really cute!