Friday, May 6, 2011

No 3

Challenge 3 is my favourite TV show... another tricky one. Again, my choices are all over the places.

Favourites that are no longer on tv include The American Embassy - a very short lived show shown at almost midnight back in the day, all the Aaron Spelling classics especially the lesser known ones like Central Park West and Models Inc and Malibu Shores, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - funny funny one-liners, I still love this show and own all the DVDs, Charmed - again I own the whole series, Alias ... are you noticing a theme of butt-kicking girls here? I also loved Ally McBeal and The Practice back in the day along and of course Greys Anatomy.

In recent times I have loved the Kardashians, The Shield, Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire but to be honest, I can't narrow my favourite down to one show.

My two all time favourite TV shows are easily and hands down, The Office and Gossip Girl.

Hilarious doesn't even begin to sum up The Office. Michael Scott is both the funniest and the most cringeworthy boss of all time and the cast of characters are unbelieveably talented. Dwight and Jim are also two of the best written characters of all time. If you haven't seen this show then I insist you put it on your list quick smart. Even M who was a hater (without having ever seen it) ended up watching a marathon of seasons with me and is now a confirmed addict... during season 2 she was desperate to know the future character outcomes. S being a wonderful husband, has been downloading season 7 as it shows in the US and all I can say is, its still hilarious but there are a lot of tearjerking moments. ps. Will Ferrell is currently guest starring.

Gossip Girl... it just resonates with me on so many levels. What girl hasn't dreamed of Serena and Blair's life (and wardrobe) and what girl hasn't experienced 'mean girls'? The show makes me laugh, dream, envious (of the clothes) and think sometimes even. Blair is a brilliantly written character portrayed perfectly by one of my favourite actresses Leighton Meester - I just love her lines and sense of single minded purpose. Of course, being a good husband, S downloads these eps for me too and I am waiting with bated breath to see where Blair's heart lies.

So there you have it ... my favourite shows.

Ps. Did anybody else ever see The American Embassy or was that just me?

Edit to add: just tracked down the pilot of The American Embassy online and McSteamy was in it!!! He was the lead's bastard ex-fiancee!

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