Monday, May 16, 2011

Lack of inspiration

I love to cook but often struggle with what to cook on a week night.

This afternoon was no different and I went in search of dinner on and, specifically looking to make the most out of stock I know is at home.

I was leaning towards open steak and haloumi sandwiches with bacon and salad - all I need is the bread (sourdough or turkish). But the weather doesn't feel right for this menu so I am going to go with option 2, Chicken Cacciatore Risotto from Taste.

S and I both love a good risotto so I'm hopeful this will be a hit ... and leave leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

Edit to add: the risotto was delicious and there was enough for my lunch today!


  1. Yum! Love rissotto! It's hard to perfect, mine is usually a bit gluggy :(

    I struggled nightly coming up with ideas for dinner! D and I have been making meal plans for the week, starting on a Sunday. It's so much easier when we put our heads together. I do my groceries ona Sunday so I know exactly what I need, I've found we're saving money too b/c I'm not buying unnecessary items. It's a nice feeling knowing I only have to look at the list on the fridge to see what to cook. I'll stop rambling now.. Lol!

  2. Everyone always says risotto is tricky to cook but its one of the first meals I learnt to make and it never turns out gluggy or undercooked. Not sure why, maybe I just have a knack I don't know about :)
    I'm usually a very good meal planner (I actually enjoy it), I have just been a bit slack lately as there have been lots of nights where S is out or I'm out or we are both out so it hasn't been working for us. X