Tuesday, May 3, 2011

International Hide'nSeek Champion 2001-2011

OBL has finally been brought to justice for his crimes against hummanity and while I certainly don't condone celebrating death of any kind, I do celebrate justice.

I am glad that this can provide comfort for the people who lost loved ones in terror attacks orchestrated by OBL however it also concerns me that by bringing OBL back into the front of the media, will wounds that have already started to heal, be ripped open again?

I read this morning on ninemsn that he used one of his four wives as a human shield in the firefight - not that this should be surprising but still, not very manly of him.

It interested me to hear rumours that the Saudi Government refused to repatriate the body which is why the US had to dispose of the body. It will also interest me to see how Pakistan's involvement will play out in the coming days, weeks, months - did they assist in that capture and kill or did they knowingly harbour an international terrorist?

There is a trade off in everything of course and what frightens me out of this is the threat of retaliation and the martyrdom of OBL. As my favourite former politician, John Howard (of course), explained to Karl this morning on the Today Show, the victory in this is the boost it will give to Western nations in terms of the war against terror. It certainly wont stop terrorism but it will provide further conviction for our troops.

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