Friday, May 27, 2011

The Husband Survey

How long have you been together: 3.5 years

How old is he? S is a ripe old 35

Who said I love you first? He did, he's the romantic one.

Who eats more? Definitely him... I eat super slow and usually end up full half way through a meal.

Who is taller? S is taller but that's no surprise, I'm shorter than everyone pretty much.

Whose temper is worse? We're pretty evenly matched on that one although I'm a bit more controlled yet more likely to fly off the handle about the small things.

Who does the laundry? Me! Would you really trust a guy to separate, handwash silk and run a delicate cycle?

Who sings better? Neither of us, its definitely not a talent we have so I can only pity our future child.

Who is smarter? Again, we are pretty evenly matched on this which makes for some pretty lively debates in our home.

Who does the dishes? S has to do them as I do the cooking - our rule is the cook doesn't clean. Although sometimes he leaves them for a night and it drives me mad.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, apparently the left side is the only side S can sleep on... rubbish but it doesn't bother me either way.

Who pays the bills? I pay my bills and S pays the household ones and his :)

Who mows the lawn? The lawnmower man... don't know his name.

Who cooks dinner? Me... S wouldn't know where to start and had to ask how to make enchiladas the other night... from a box!

Who drives when you are together? S, because we fight as I am a maniac, a racecar driver and a tailgater according to him. Its easier to let him do it and it means I can always have that extra glass of wine :)

Who is more stubborn? Both of us are very very stubborn people but we are getting better at managing this.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Usually S ... I guess this means I am more stubborn?

Whose parents do you see the most? Its pretty even as I try hard to make sure we see both regularly.

Who has more friends? We are pretty evenly matched on close friends but I probably have a wider circle that I see more often than him and his extended circle.

Who has more siblings? Me, I have 3 to his 1.

Was it love at first sight? Looking back now, I'd have to say yes.

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  1. I'm going to do that when I get a chance!
    I think I have done it once before for something???
    Ok... Now I'm going back t oread what you wrote!