Thursday, May 12, 2011

For the home

Lately I have been obssessed with all things 'home'. I just feel like our space needs a bit of an overhaul and a few more interesting touches to prevent it from being too bland and neutral.

I have installed orange cushions in our lounge room although 2 are a little bright for my liking - tangerine rather than the warmer look I was going for - but I am on course to replace them this Saturday with burnt orange sequin patterned cushions as spotted by my MIL (I have had everyone on the hunt). I am feeling though that the orange needs a lift and am considering introducing some patterned lime green and/or chartruese cushions also.

I also came across these moroccan pouffes on Tied with A Bouw (if you don't read this blog, you are totally missing out) and I think one in orange and one in green or two in the same colour might be ideal if I can convince S to get rid of our enormous brown leather ottoman that takes up way too much space for my liking!

Speaking of getting rid of things, I also want a new rug... something like this

And a new bedspread from Urban Outfitters as I love all things ruffled... (another find on Tied with a Bouw)

I am also seeking a gemstone world globe (in Bahama blue). I spotted these in Vegas at Caesar's Palace and am still kicking myself for not buying one to this day:

While we're at it, I added a couple of cookbooks to my list - Donna Hay of course (Instant Entertaining in particular), a nice glass pouring jug for drinks on a hot day and some pots and plants for our front courtyard (citrus trees or hydrangeas).


  1. I love buying all things home decor! Why does it all have to be so expensive though? :(

    OMGooosh those ruffled bedspreads are adorable!

    I have a sneaking suspicion I‘ve seen an orange shaggy rug in Spotlight!!

  2. I feel your pain Reezy ... home decorating is sooo expensive!
    Ooooh, will add Spotlight to my list of places to visit Saturday. Thanks x