Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 2 - Favourite movie

I figured this was an easy one, but after considering it for a moment, it is actually extremely hard to narrow down my favourite movie to one. If we had genres I would find it a lot simpler but one single favourite movie?

Like songs, my movies are all over the place and some of my alltime favourites include Bring it On (I'm sexy I'm cute I'm popular to boot... what's not to love right?), Taken with Liam Neeson, The Notebook, Clueless (I still want that revolving computerised wardrobe), Gone with the Wind (best movie line of all time, 'Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn'), the Harry Potter franchise and classics like Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.

If I had to say just one though, I would name 'We Were Soldiers'. The story of a Vietnam campaign starring Mel Gibson. I have seen this movie at least 40 times (including 3 times at the cinema) and even read the book 'We were soldiers once and young'.

The story is quite honest, even showing sympathy and respect towards the Vietnamese soldiers, and very raw in its portrayal of just how the Vietnam action escalated and just how brutally those lives were lost. It shows how unprepared the Americans were and just how much they underestimated the Vietnamese solidiers.

I love modern history and have always been interested in the Vietnam campaign so maybe this is why I am drawn to the movie.

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