Thursday, May 26, 2011

Congrats Kim K

In honour of her engagement (and that 20.5ct ring!), here is a post dedicated to Miss Kim Kardashian.

She is quite polarising to the masses apparently but love her or hate her, she's quite an intelligent young lady having built herself an empire by the age of 30 and not sinking into a Paris Hilton type obscurity (obscure by Paris standards anyway - I mean what does Paris even do now, we never hear about her thank goodness?).

Personally, I'm a huge fan of Kimmie... she seems absolutely lovely as a person from what I can tell watching KuwtK etc, she is incredibly stunning - very womanly super fit & toned, has enormous confidence when it comes to fashion, knows how to rock a figure hugging mini dress better than any other celeb and just seems like an all round great role model.

I like all the Kardashian girls but Kim is definitely my favourite and here are some of my favourite looks of her:

Who is your favourite Kardashian?


  1. paris actually has a tragic new reality tv show coming out soon!

    my fave kardashians are khloe (because she's hilarious) and kim (because she seems driven and really sweet). but really im obsessed with the whole family!

  2. I love the Kardashians. My favourite is Khloe though - I just find her so entertaining! I do love a bit of Kim though - she's fab!

  3. I love the black dress, 3rd from the bottom.
    She doesn't suit blonde!
    Paris has a show on MTV called My new BFF Dubai, it's pretty weak!

  4. I know Reezy, I love that black dress too and agree, I don't love the blonde but its a different look for her.
    I did hear about Paris' new show but seriously, how high school is that BFF rubbish? x