Monday, May 30, 2011

Blues on Broadbeach

A random weekend was enjoyed by S and I.

It all started Friday morning when I arrived at work to realise it was Blues on Broadbeach weekend - setting up one of the main stages in front of our office gave it away! It got pretty crazy by the afternoon with people and noise as you can imagine and I found myself surprisingly enjoying it - usually its quite annoying and a hindrance as you can't hear yourself think let alone work or answer phones.

So in the afternoon, when my boss asked what S and I were up to that night and I replied we would be spending it either at the movies or on the couch (as poor S is working 22 straight days due to staffing issues), he suggested we join him, his wonderful wife and another couple in Broadbeach for dinner and Blues.

We had a fabulous time eating a leisurely meal (Veal Saltimbocca with prosciutto and boccacini for me and herb crusted chicken breast stuffed with brie and prawns wrapped in smoked salmon for S) and drinking a delicious St Clair Sav Blanc with the best of company - my boss and his wife are the best of company and know how to have a good time. So much so that it stretched into a 3 and half hour meal before we settled on a nightcap and home time.

Unfortunately the Blues music on the stage closest to us wasn't particularly great (a bit too grungy and not enough Bluesy) but the atmosphere made up for it - I haven't seen Broadbeach so busy in a very long time and every restaurant was full despite the cold evening.


  1. i went on saturday night and was greeted with HEAVY METAL DEATH ROCK.
    needless to say i was a bit disappointed. blues it was not.

    not sure if fri night was better but saturday it was full of old cougars and underage drunk kids haha.

  2. Thanks SSG, it was pretty fab :)
    Agreed mimi, apparently the evenings were the worst. My boss went again Sunday afternoon and said it was fantastic - they had Jon Stevens playing.