Monday, May 23, 2011

Another purchase

Since buying my MOR Dolce candles, I have have become addicted to a beautiful smelling home and rooms. Not that this wasn't a priority previously (I have one of those AirWick auto spray things in the loungeroom and other freshners scattered throughout), I just wasn't interested beyond the room smelling good. Well, fast forward and I am now very interested.

After visiting Dusk a few weeks ago with my sis, I couldn't get the combination of their oil burner and melts out of my mind. K has the burner and melts and she swears by their functionality at beautifully scenting the whole home while looking great.

So yep, I'm a joiner and now the proud owner of a gorgeous Dusk burner and 5 melts ... love the melts.

The melts are so practical, they come as solids and cool back to solid when you finish burning eliminating all the mess of oils. They come in two ranges... aromatherapy and destinations. I bought the destination ones... Tangier, Vienna, Osaka, Bondi and another one I can't remember the name of :)

Check out - I think its another new addiction along with Asos and dealsdirect.

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  1. Lovely burner. I like the idea of the melts, much safer than burning oils.

    Must. Not. Click. Dusk. Link.