Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30 day challenge

I have been set a 30 day challenge by a girlfriend who reads my blog ... maybe she finds my content boring and wants to help me along I thought.

Number 1
Your favourite song

I have so many favourite songs... I love music and its all about the lyric for me. I also have extremely diverse taste from Josh Groban to Metallica to The Eagles to The Doobie Bros to Snoop Dogg to Britney Spears and musical soundtracks (Phantom of the Opera, Wicked etc).

My love of music started from a very young age watching Rage on channel 2 with my father. I can vividly remember back when I was about 3 and the very first song I remember hearing ... Sarah by Starship. I still have a very soft spot for Starship now and can't believe they tried to name 'We built this city' the worst song of all time!

My love of music was encouraged by my father and all through my early and teenage years and we often played a game in the car where he would quiz me and I would have to guess the band/singer and song title before the lyrics started. We still sometimes play this game.

From about 1989, we also used to make Rage tapes together, recording our favourite songs and video clips. It was our tradition to get up early on a Saturday morning, set up the VCR and spend the morning together.

One of our earliest tapes included such groovy hits as 'Heartbeats' by Pet Shop Boys and my favourite song of all time, Foreigner "I don't want to live without you'.

I fell in love with this song when I was about 8 and I think that the video clip had a lot to do with it. My love for this song (and its video clip) have never waned and S and I even used it as our first dance song at our wedding.

Beautiful lyrics and beautiful tune... I will post the video clip from youtube

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