Friday, April 29, 2011

Today is the big day

Okay, I admit it... I am SUPER excited for the royal wedding and can't wait to see The Dress!

I have been addicted to reading all the coverage all week and am finding eonline particularly up to the minute with details.

I just love fairytales (always have and still do) so getting to see a real life one played out in the World media is beyond wonderful for me - I just wish I had a daughter to share it with.

I think Kate Middleton is going to make a fabulous Princess and dare I say, someday Royal Consort to the King (is that title correct?). She has throughout the years conducted herself with such poise, grace and discretion and shows a very strong sense of duty (duty is super important in England according to my English FIL). She is also a stunning and stylish lady with a gorgeous smile so its pretty easy to see why Wills was hooked.

I just love the real love you can see in their eyes and smiles when Kate & William are photographed together.

Their engagement portraits are all gorgeous but I especially like the one released with their wedding program:

On another note, I am in the market for new best friends.

No, nothing has happened to C and M apart from their total lack of excitement about The Wedding and as a result, I am now left with no one to watch the coverage with ... S doesn't count as despite being an Englishman, he has a complete lack of interest also. C's lack of interest doesn't surprise me at all, this type of stuff just isn't her thing but M's lack of interest surprises me no end. M is English born and into all things celeb (this counts as celeb in my books).

My MIL is excited and will be watching but she lives just too far away and doesn't have cable TV - did I mention I will be watching the E coverage? Purely because they are incorporating Fashion Police and I'm a fan of Guiliana.

For all you lucky people with fellow excited friends to have wedding parties with, spare a thought for me, lonesome in my tiara watching all by myself ... and if M and C are reading, you guys may be replaced before the day is out (I have my minions working on a plan). lol


  1. Naaw don't worry, I'll be by myself too! I'm actually thinking of donning my wedding dress and sipping champagne on the couch :D

  2. Makes me feel better - thanks Reezy :)
    Great idea, would love to put my dress on but its still at the drycleaners for another few weeks :(