Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To buy or not to buy amongst other things

I am eyeing off 3 Herve Leger bandage dresses but can't decide which one to get ... all 3 are a different style and colour so this is not making anything easier.

I am also unsure if the bandage dress style will suit me but have heard good things about how flattering they are.

I love the one shoulder and the its lighter colour scheme but feel the darker dresses may be more slimming.


So moving forward but back to an earlier post, I have gotten further into my Mia Freedman book, Mia Culpa and all I can say is, if you haven't bought a copy yet then you need to hurry the heck up!

Laughing out loud doesn't even cover it and S looked at me like I had two heads last night as I was seriously cracking up that much. After reading some excerpts to him, he concurred it was entertaining but not as hilarious as I seemed to be finding it. My efforts to disprove him didn't require much at all, I simply phoned M and read her the same excerpts and held the phone from my ear so as not to get deafened by the racuous laughter coming from her end.

I have now insisted that in the best interests of our marriage and understanding, S needs to read Mia Culpa when I am finished. He wasn't terribly impressed with this idea but I think if the book continues to make me laugh out loud for the remaing half then he will cave out curiousity more than anything and I think he will end up pleasantly surprised.


  1. I like the 3rd personally. It looks very flattering and could easily be dressed up or down.

    I'll have to check out the book!

  2. I think the final one is divine - super elegant!

  3. Beautiful dresses! Are you purchasing for any particular occasion? I really like all 3 equally but personally i'd go the last one, i hate my knees! he he he

  4. Thanks for the comments and advice ladies - how funny, my best friend M is also pushing for the last one. Not buying for any particular occasion although I do have a lot of events coming up this year including my 30th! Well, I think due to popular opinion, the navy it is.

  5. Lovely! Love the last dress too.

    I still have not worn my new Herve. Must get cracking on that.