Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank you cards

My thank you cards have arrived - now this is a good thing as I am keen to get them out to everyone but its also a bad thing as they will require a lot of effort writing each one out and it will be quite a task getting S to assist.

I was really undecided as to how to go about thank you cards having found so many different options online that I loved but in the end after seeing a particular idea, my mind was made up quickly and the decision endorsed thoroughly by S.

The way it all came about started with Mez over at Domestic Divinity (one of my fave blogs) posting her new mini Moo business cards. Thinking these were a great idea and very cute, I popped over to the Moo website to check things out.

I looked through their product range and came across an option that allowed you to make your own postcards by uploading as many pics as you like for the front side of the postcard (one pic per card) with the address lines and writing space opposite. 60 postcards (8 different types) and express postage was just over $80.

I thought postcards would be a great option for thank you cards as I could use the professional sample shots from our wedding for the picture side and complete a really personal message for each person we woule like to thank.

I am so pleased with how they have come up and everyone has commented on what a cool idea postcards for thank yous are.


  1. They look brilliant!
    I will have to remember that when our little baby GIRL is born!

  2. Oh wow Sammie! A huge congratulations on your baby GIRL!!!! How very exciting :) x

  3. Glad I could point you in the right direction.

    I think I might have to check them out! Fantastic idea!!