Monday, April 18, 2011

A surprise celebration ... not party!

So my mum turned 50 yesterday and we celebrated by throwing her a surprise birthday lunch with family and her closest friends. K, dad and I were all set to plan a huge surprise party until mum made it VERY clear she did not under any circumstances want a party and would be very upset if there was one. Well, it was her birthday and her choice but then we had to come up with a way to celebrate the occasion and make her feel special without a party. After much consideration, my friend (C's sister) N and I came up with a lunchtime event with only the closest of friends and family to join us - 17 in total. After much research we selected Pointbreak at Burleigh Heads (where K got married) and organised for the guests to arrive at 12pm with mum arriving at 12:30pm with dad for what she thought was just a lunch with her children only. N and I arranged table decorations and a beautiful croquembouche and when mum entered the restaurant we all sung happy birthday. Mum was surprised and very happy that we abided by her wishes but still came up with a way to commemorate the occasion. We enjoyed delicious food and lots of champagne along with the best of company as only family and close friends can be.
confit duck legs

angus rump

hawaiian pizza with Kassler ham - this was mine, as I was feeling quite boring and wanted a lighter meal than steak or chicken :)
On a side note, I truly believe my mother is the world's best mother (no offence people as I'm sure everyone thinks this of their mothers). She really is just one of those amazing selfless people that would do anything and everything for anyone without even considering just how selfless that is. She has set my siblings and I the best example of motherhood and what it is to be a good person and I thank my lucky stars everyday that she is my mother.

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  1. how lovely! that hill at burleigh overlooking the beach is one of my favourite spots :)