Thursday, April 7, 2011

People make me sad...

I'm not sure if I should even blog about this but I feel like I need to say something. Reading the news today on my favourite (weird I know cause I live on the GC) and I was devastated to read one of the latest updates relating to a male black swan. It turns out the female was stoned to death by 6 male youths in Melbourne and the father now keeps a mournful vigil on the nest, trying to protect the babies from dying. There are so many things wrong with this story and it devastates me to even see the lone black swan's picture so I didn't want to share it here. I thought it best for you to be directed to the story if you choose to read more about it. Those disgusting little brats need a serious clip across the ear and then some. Honestly, who thinks this is ok and what kind of person/people rationalise this as entertainment/sport/whoknowswhat! The truly sad part is that this isn't an isolated incident with similar reports of animal abuse etc. making the news each day.

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